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Content design at PayPal

Write content for PayPal’s Resolution Center to increase user comprehension and task completion. Integrate usability findings into micro-copy revisions. Follow brand guidelines for voice and tone. Fight for the user. Reduced calls to customer support by 10%.

MY CONTRIBUTIONS: Creating or editing micro-content on PayPal's merchant and consumer facing pages

FINAL DELIVERABLE: Content specs, flow charts capturing review processes


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Researching system admins and developers

At IBM I validated the market strategy for hybrid cloud infrastructure products and conducted a variety of qualitative and quantitative research iniatives. Although I signed a non-disclosure agreement, I can share generalities about my software product work and prefected research methods when we talk in person. I also lead design thinking workshops and presented to dozens of software teams and hundreds of new hires.

MY CONTRIBUTIONS: My responsibities included recruiting users, designing research protocols, conducting face-to-face and report research, synthesizing findings into artifacts, socializing those findings and working with the UX team to put those findings into the final deliverable.

FINAL DELIVERABLE: Journey maps, As Is and To Be scenarios, storyboards, presentation decks, revised curriculum on design research, wireframes.



Touching on touchy subjects: approaches to
combatting stigma

For my master's thesis, I explored communication strategies that combat stigmas. It is important for designers to be on the look out for stigmas because they underpin many design problems and offer an opportunity for innovation and industry disruption.

MY CONTRIBUTIONS: My research focused on the stigma surrounding PMS. I created six engaging and educational artifacts which successfully changed women's mental models of their cycle. There is evidence to suggest that this shift in perception leads to a better attitude about PMS among women and men.

FINAL DELIVERABLE: Six prototypes testing engagement and education strategies, generalizable knowledge on how to combat stigmas


Papercake: designing for behavior change

Papercake is a product concept that helps you learn about, organize and share your life’s important documents. These are things like bills, transcripts, auto loan information, insurance documents, financial statements, transcripts and passports.

MY CONTRIBUTIONS: Apply research findings to the design, designed behaviors within the interface to motivate people to engage with this boring task.

FINAL DELIVERABLES: Product video sketch, presentation slides, presentation script, poster



Mapping the customer's experience journey

During my internship at Inflection, I uncovered how PeopleSmart’s customers search for people's contact information as part of their job.

MY CONTRIBUTIONS: My work included user research, sketching during interviews and the design and production of two customer journey maps. I also produced wireframes and storyboards showing ways to put the research findings into action on the website.

FINAL DELIVERABLE: Two customer journey maps as well as a pile of sketches for product improvements and service innovations


Service blueprint for mobile check deposit.

For my class in Adaptive Service Design, I created a blueprint for a service that exists today but could be enhanced further. We were also required to show where failures could happen and how relational and utilitarian customers would perceive the service.

MY CONTRIBUTION: I took the experience of depositing a check through my mobile banking app and created additional service features centered around empathy, security and transparency.

FINAL DELIVERABLE: Service blueprint


Designing content for executive engagement

While working at Ernst & Young, I co-created the digital content strategy for I set the bar for content that is clickable, digestable and interactive for an audience of busy, mobile executives. Our strategy increased page view per visits, lowered bail rates and put above its competition in terms of web traffic.

MY CONTRIBUTION: I design and delivered a curriculum teaching Ernst & Young's digital content editors how to transform the firm's print thought leadership into content suited for the web experience.

FINAL DELIVERABLE: course curriculum on web best practices, readability and copywriting