Designing content

Highlights of Ernst & Young's content strategy

This video shows a sample of the content strategy principles I taught to Ernst & Young's digitial editors for implementation across the site.

Chunk the content into digestible pieces

A critical first step in transforming the firm's thoughtleadership into web-ready content was to break up the text into digestible chunks. In this piece, I emphasized the six trends in transfer pricing and used the large graphic as interactive navigation.

Copywriters often use numbered lists to attract attention and keep it. Numbered lists break the content up into manageable pieces. This gives the audience that sense that this information has been edited down to just the essentials and will be easier to engage with.

call outs
Smart summaries and
call outs

We were challenged to get readers to click through our web edits. Mostly, readers were scanning the first page and leaving. To ensure that readers got the gist of the piece before they left, I implemented a pithy summary and call out on the top of each page.

Link to related content to drive more traffic to the site

We promoted additional related content to encourage engagement into other areas of

Headlines that attract attention

The purpose of a headline is to get the reader to read the teaser. Without a good headline, your content will be ignored. Often we used numbered lists, compelling questions and powerful verbs to move readers from the headline to the teaser, all within fifty characters or less

Teasers with a call to action

In twenty-five words or less we needed to hook the reader and make them click. By asking a question, we create curiosity that the reader will want to satisfy. We call them to action and ask for their click.