Learning to dress for winter

The poster

Originally, I made this poster as an informative joke for my classmates who were new to winter. This prototype became the spring board for the shopping trip and the online guide.

The shopping trip

I took my lovely classmates shopping for winter gear at a local strip mall. We reviewed how to dress in layers, and what to look for in outerwear.

Now I have an image in my head of a girl in a short coat and her butt is cold!



winter hat shopping success

My classmates on the shopping spree.

winter guide poster

The first iteration of a winter guide poster.

The online guide

I got such a positive response from my classmates that I decided to write up a winter guide for a class. Then I got it published.

Your first winter: A guide to winter outerwear and apparel

I know your type.  You come to the North, the land of cold icy winters, for opportunity or adventure, for love.

People warn you about the cold winter.  “Dress in layers,” they say. You’re no dummy, so you pack your warm clothes: a sweater, a leather jacket, ankle socks, one pair of suede shoes.

You arrive in the long steamy months of August and you don’t see what all the fuss  is about. It’s September. The leaves change colors.  You make new friends.  You find someone good to cut your hair. It gets cooler, sure, but you can handle it.

But then, it’s October and the temperature outside is as cold as you’ve ever seen it.  You see the mist your breath creates when you step outside in the morning for the first time.  It’s thrilling and novel.

In November you see your first snow flurries and  they begin to accumulate. And the more you hear about the winter, the more you fear it. But the locals around you laugh and say “This isn’t winter; winter hasn’t even
started yet!”

But fear not! This guide will tell you everything you need to know about winter clothing including:

  • Getting the right outerwear (jackets, gloves, boots, socks)
  • Strategies for staying warm all day with layering
  • How to convert Fahrenheit to Celsius in your head for you international folks
  • Shopping list including expected costs

If you dress appropriately and get the right gear, winter won’t be as much of a struggle.

In my thirty years of living through winter, I’ve seen many people who think of this season as something to wait out, like a passing storm. But let me tell you, winter is not a passing storm.  Winter is six months of the year in many places.   And you can’t change the weather.  But what you can change is your outfit.  So let’s get you outfitted properly.